We really should talk.

That’s not just an invitation, it’s essential to the structure of what we believe. Communication is our lifeblood. Without it, life would be pretty frustrating. So, we always take time to invest in a relationship when working together. We hope you’re into that. N’uff said. Let’s talk.

We’ll find out why.

Most of us sell something. One something is different than the next (or they may be quite alike), but the why in what you sell is what draws customers in. “The why” becomes the relationship and your true point of difference. Kids don’t eat sour candy because it tastes good, though that’s what they’d tell you. They eat sour candy because it gets ’em…right there in the back of the jaw. Strangely, that’s the relationship. Discovering and articulating why for your brand is our job. We believe truths are waiting to be uncovered for you, and then communicated via appropriate channels.

Short-term goals build long-term solutions.

little-lego_88x136Street Dog builds (or rebuilds) your brand by developing specialized, integrated ideas that combine “the why” and those insights into strategy, creative, and then appropriate tactics. Glimpses of who you are and why you do what you do stack up, creating a pillar amidst your market. Your something becomes the something. This is what we do. This is that process:

Research > Analyze > Discover > Plan > Create > Activate > Measure > Audit > Hone and Repeat